The Red Dresser Barn Market

One of my favorite shows last summer was the Barn Market at the Rainbow of Hope Farm.  This Saturday, June 11th, we will once again set up our tent and have lotsa fun Michigan-themed pillows for you to choose from!  

Stop by the booth and say 'Hello!' 

Save the Date{s}

If you check my Etsy shop these days, you will find only one listing for the Petoskey Stone pillow on oatmeal.  With my wholesale accounts, it's hard to find the time to photograph and add new listings there.  The problem is, I hate telling people "No" to their requests for more pillows.

So!  Mark your calendars for this coming Friday, February 12th, at 8 p.m.  I will be listing a great selection of both 10 x 20" lumbars and 18" pillows.  There will be variety of designs---HOME, LOVE, and MICH-IGAN.  Watch The Cort House Facebook and Instagram feeds this week for previews of the different pillows that will be available.

Once these are sold, that's it!  Check in right at 8 p.m. for the best selection.  Hope to see you there!

February is quickly passing, and gift shops, as well as craft shows, have been contacting me for pillows for the upcoming spring and summer.  I'm only doing a few shows, as I am selling mostly wholesale as I mentioned above.  I love talking with my customers, getting feedback, and also meeting the other vendors.  Here are two fantastic, unique shows that The Cort House will be at:

Save the dates:
Gypsy Culture Flea Market
Saturday, May 7th 2016, 10-4, Bay County Fairgrounds, 810 Livingston Street, Bay City, MI
'Like' them on Facebook.  More information coming soon.

11th Annual Petoskey Stone Festival
Saturday, May 28th 2016, 9:30-4 pm, Barnes Park, Eastport, MI

This and That

American Artist, William Utermohlen (1933-2007), painted a series of self-portraits after being diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  You can see the paintings here.  This hit close to home, as my stepmom is in the later stages of Alzheimer's.

Super cool bib pattern for all those upcoming baby showers.  The boy fabric choices are adorable!

This blog post poked holes in all my reasons I hate to have my photograph taken.

Winter Comes to Michigan is a 1930's era newsreel that was recently discovered by two sisters in Newberry, Michigan.  It's fun to watch just for the vintage clothing and cars, but the best part is the narrator's choice of dramatic words.  How do we Michiganders survive the winter?!!


Yesterday, we dropped Willow off at the airport to head back to college.  I will miss her company and  help sewing pillows.  We prepped a ton of pillows last week, so there is plenty of work waiting for me in the sewing room on Monday.

Upon returning home, our 4 (almost 5) year old granddaughter asked while flapping her arms dramatically, "Is Auntie Boo flying to Florida?"
On my last blog post, I wrote about my word I picked for the year--Grit.  For a daily reminder, I ordered a bracelet from 321 Simple Creations on Etsy.  Teresa is from Michigan too, and was great to work with!  The heart is to remind me to be kind when I fail.  I love it!  Quite a while back, I wrote this simple tutorial on how to shop local on Etsy.  

This and That:

Have you been watching the documentary Making a Murderer on Netflix?  I'm about half way through and don't know what to think.  Alec Baldwin interviews the Makers behind the series on NPR's Here's the Thing podcast. What do you think?

A northern Michigan video that makes my palms sweaty.

This winter t-shirt is hilarious.  I want it.

At our house there has been a lot of talk about the recent passing of famous people.  This portfolio of Passage Quilts is moving.