Goodbye, September

In one week the Gypsy Culture Flea Market will be happening in Bay City.  The Cort House pillows will be there along with 150 vendors.  This promises to be a show not to miss!
{A few of the pillows heading for the Gypsy Culture Flea Market!}

This and That

Check out the Michigan Fall Color Map as of September 29th.

Poppins of Mackinac Island carries The Cort House pillows.  I don't think there is anyplace else in the world like Mackinac Island.  I've often fantasized about living there and have found just the place!  Pictures and video here.  The Cairngorm Cottage is only  $5,850,000.00.  I'm gonna have to make a lot of pillows to pay for that!

Kalico with a K has the 3rd chapter of the futuristic sci-fi story, "The Drying Effects of Wind" up on her blog.  To begin at the Prologue, start here.  Kalico is my oldest daughter, and I'm pretty proud of her chasing her dreams.

Me, Myself, & I

I remember taking a 'selfie' in the mirror when I was a teenager.  It was 1983, and I was trying on a prom dress with humongous, poofy sleeves.  When the film came back from the developers about a week later, all you could see was the dress and a huge burst of light from the camera flash where my head should have been.  Obviously, this was waaaay before camera phones and a total 'selfie' fail.

Having my picture taken makes me uncomfortable and it shows.  My kids often say, "Smile Mom...and not your fake smile!"

Looking at pictures of my Grandma & Grandpa, I can't find one where they are looking straight at the camera.  Instead, they are looking off in the distance, as if they too, were uncomfortable with saying 'cheese'. Maybe its genetic.

The handful of blogs I visit regularly entertain, inspire, make me laugh, and they all post pictures of themselves while doing the things they write about.  It definitely makes a connection--kinda like you know them personally.

I hale from a generation that doesn't always understand this need to paste pictures of one's self all over the internet.  I love to see pictures of others, but me?  Not so much.

But then I have a blog.

A blog that's meant to connect with other like-minded souls and promote my small business.  It's part of the deal to post a picture and say 'Hi!'

So, here I am, saying "Hello, this is me, and, by the way, I make pillows and am so glad you are here!  It's very nice to meet you."

The Red Dresser Barn Market

One of my favorite shows last summer was the Barn Market at the Rainbow of Hope Farm.  This Saturday, June 11th, we will once again set up our tent and have lotsa fun Michigan-themed pillows for you to choose from!  

Stop by the booth and say 'Hello!'